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Vice Magazine has a nice little site dedicated to food called Munchies. There are lots of big, glossy photos and videos teaching you how to make stuff — if only it was possible to buy some of those ingredients here, right? Anyway.

One of their writers, Guilia Pines, went on this OpenTrips excursion which took her and others to a noodle factory called “Shihding Hsu’s Handmade Noodle Company”. While the article makes it sound like a secret hideout location that even the cab drivers didn’t know about, the factory seems like a popular place to visit. I Googled their Chinese name [石碇許家麵線] and found a bunch of blogs and sites that feature it. They have a pretty active Facebook page too.

It looks like they have a gift shop where you can buy noodles packaged to take home. Look at the colors! Nice, right?


The address is: 新北市石碇區烏塗里四分子3號. In the middle of nowhere!

Link to the article on Munchies

Top Photo Credit: Munchies

Bottom Photo Credit: OTOP

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