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Known for his strong curiosity and even stronger stomach, Andrew Zimmern is the host of Bizarre Foods, an American television show that documents his food travels all across the globe. In order to get a taste of the bizarre flavors of the tropics of Asia, what better place for Zimmern to visit than our very own island of Formosa?


Conveniently situated between two waterways and fully equipped with its own plantations, the mountain village of Shiding has a longstanding history of tea production. Alongside tea, specialists trained in China also preserve the traditional art of making Chinese vermicelli, which are chewier than other types of noodles due to the larger amount of salt used in production. Large masses of dough are kneaded and cut in a circular motion to create one long strand, which remain uncut to symbolize the longevity of the eater’s life. After continuous stretching, the silk-resembling noodles are hung out to dry. Mixing the flavors of tea and noodles together, the locals of Shiding utilize and blend both culture and contemporary creativity to create their unique, local cuisine.


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